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Located 40 miles Southwest of downtown Wichita, the Salter House Museum was once home to the first woman elected to any political office in the United States...


But not without controversy! 

In April of 1887, Susanna Salter was nominated for the position of mayor as a joke by several local men. Susanna was a member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, so they nominated her as a representative of the Prohibition Party as a joke–but their laughter ended when the election results were announced!

On April 4, 1887, Susanna received 2/3 of the vote. She held a successful one-year term. What the men did not consider was Salter's potential for success. She was highly-educated and came from a family deeply involved in Argonia's politics. In fact, her father had been the first mayor elected just a few years earlier, Mayor Salter's husband Lewis was the first town clerk (she often helped him with his tasks!).


The Salter House Museum is a living testament to the life of Mayor Salter and her family. Enter the door and journey back in time!

1887 is waiting...

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(Clockwise from left to right)

1. Mayor Salter's stove.

2. "Fainting Couch." Contemporary term for an often velvet-covered chaise that was popular from the 1870's-1920's.

3. Victorian Era china.

4. Hand-sewn quilt by Susanna Salter.

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